Juego de Tronos: La Exposición Oficial arrives in Madrid

Get inside the universe of Game of Thrones®

JUEGO DE TRONOS: LA EXPOSICIÓN OFICIAL will open at Espacio 5.1 in IFEMA-Feria de Madrid on October 26th 2019 for a limited run.

The new interactive experience, with more than 1.000m2, inspired by the hit HBO series GAME OF THRONES®, will offer the visitors an up-close and personal look at authentic props, costumes and set decorations from the groundbreaking show.  GAME OF THRONES has become the most awarded TV show in history with 47 Emmy® Awards. Tickets to this blockbuster event are available from today at www.juegodetronoslaexposicion.es

JUEGO DE TRONOS: LA EXPOSICIÓN OFICIAL will allow fans worldwide to experience the craftsmanship and artistry of the GAME OF THRONES production up close in the largest public display in Spain to date. Featuring a unique mix of immersive environments, interactives, and multimedia content, visitors will experience the lands of Westeros and Essos and relive some of the most emblematic moments in the fighting for the Iron Throne.

The exhibition will transport the fans to the center of the Seven Kingdoms, where they can learn about the incredible artistic work behind the award-winning series. Visitors will be able to:

Discover the winter landscapes of the North and the tree-lined footpath of Kingsroad

  • View a garrison of Unsullied warriors and the iconic costumes of House Targaryen
  • Step into the House of Black and White
  • Explore Castle Black, the home of the Night’s Watch
  • See the iconic Iron Throne

More information: www.juegodetronoslaexposicion.es

The arrival of JUEGO DE TRONOS: LA EXPOSICIÓN OFICIAL is a new opportunity for Westeros fans to re-watch all seasons of the worldwide acclaimed show on Vodafone.