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MADRID, 2023

The exhibition "Bowie Taken by Duffy" showcased the work of British photographer Brian Duffy in collaboration with iconic musician David Bowie, one of the most influential artists in the history of music. Over a 9-year period, known as Bowie's "Golden Years," Duffy and Bowie collaborated on 5 photo shoots and 3 album covers that left an indelible mark on visual and musical culture.

The exhibition offered visitors the opportunity to view vintage prints and original artifacts from the Duffy Archive, along with never-before-seen video interviews with David Bowie's collaborators during the sessions. Through this exhibition, attendees were able to take a journey back in time to the 1970s and explore the creative process of these two exceptional artists.

The exhibition opened on March 15, 2023 and concluded on July 23 of the same year at COAM in Madrid, providing fans with a unique experience to appreciate the artistic collaboration between Duffy and Bowie.



Exposición maravillosa. Muy muy recomendable. Completa, amena e interesante.

Alejandro P.

I loved the exhibition, original, and I liked the audiovisuals.

María V.

I liked it very much, very well put together. Duffy's work with Bowie was a real discovery. Thank you very much.


A very well planned and useful exhibition with graphic and textual explanations very well documented and complementary to the artistic life of this man.

Angel Luis

Magnificent exhibition with very interesting and bilingual information, both written and audiovisual.

Anabel E.

The estimation of the duration of the visit that you give, falls short. I loved it, very well documented and very interesting all the information.

Soledad B.

Very good exhibition. Wonderful photographs accompanied by images and interviews. Anecdotes and details accompany this visual journey through the Bowie universe and Duffy's talent.

Remedios G.

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