From June, 14th to September, 24th, the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) will present «Björk Digital», the extraordinary immersive exhibition of video and digital works resulting from the collaboration between the iconic Icelandic artist, and some of the best programmers and visual artists from around the world.

«Björk Digital» is an immersive exhibition designed as an experience to dive into the unique creative universe of Björk, with virtual reality as a key player.

The exhibition, which combines performance, cinema, installations, video and interaction, includes various audiovisual pieces produced with cutting-edge virtual reality technology, and includes different works created by the Icelandic artist in collaboration with artists such as Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Alexander McQueen, Nick Knight, Stephane Sedanaoui, or the most recent ones Jesse Kanda, Andrew Thomas Huang, Warren du Prees, and Nick Thornton Jones.

After being in Tokyo, Sydney, Montreal, Reykjavík, London and Mexico, the season of the exhibition at the CCCB will be longest one.

“Bjork Digital” is a co-production between the CCCB, Sold Out and DG Entertainment, in collaboration with Sónar.

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