With millions of visitors worldwide these two exhibitions on the human body have reaped huge success and had a massive impact in our country.

For eminently educational and social reasons, Sold Out brought to Spain two major exhibitions that showed us the human body as we had never seen it before, through an innovative preservation process called plastination.

Bodies The Exhibition took place in the Barcelona Royal Shipyard in 2006 and welcomed more than 300,000 spectators. In turn Body Worlds was held in 2009, and attracted more than 80,000 visitors to Seville’s Casino de la Exposición. The enormous success of both exhibitions was guaranteed by the huge impact they had in major cities in Asia, America and the rest of Europe, where they had already received more than 35 million visitors.

Mixing culture and science in equal measure, these exhibitions showed us the beauty and complexity of the human body in all its magnitude, brilliantly exploiting the educational potential of this type of project.

This scientifically-rigorous educational mission explains why these exhibitions were warmly welcomed by the public and the medical and scientific community at a global level.