Over the years Sold Out has come to specialise in organising outdoor events which due to their complexity require excellent coordination with the municipal authorities and the State Security Services and Police Forces.

One of the most creative of the new generation of Brazilian musicians, Carlinhos Brown, was brought to Spain by Movistar. His urban carnival flooded Madrid’s Paseo de la Castellana with rhythm and music. One million people danced incessantly in the street as the procession took its place in the history of great public events in the capital.

For this event Sold Out was commissioned by Agencia Innova to perform the production work necessary to ensure the floats participating in the procession could follow the route through the crowd of revellers. We also organised all the elements needed to stage the event such as safety barriers, toilets, safety and control equipment, marquees, dressing rooms, ancillary staff for assembling and dismantling facilities, etc.

Sold Out also coordinated with Madrid City Council’s services (the municipal police, the fire service, civil protection, traffic, etc.) over everything this particular event needed.