In the hands of Sold Out, Mayumana has become one of the most successful theatre companies in our country over the last 10 years.

Since its first visit to Spain in April 2001, Mayumana has become one of the most successful performing arts companies in our country. Mayumana’s first show toured more than 35 Spanish cities and was sold out, attracting more than 1,500,000 spectators.

Modern and multidisciplinary in nature, the show’s mix of music, theatre, dance, percussion and humour are the keys to the company’s global success, Spain being one of Mayumana’s most important markets worldwide.

In the last 2 shows it has toured around Spain, Momentum and Racconto, Mayumana incorporated totally new elements such as interactivity, images recorded in real time within the show itself, live music and hugely astonishing audiovisual technological displays.

Touring successfully for more than 10 years without a break, Mayumana is in its own right a complete phenomenon in the world of international theatre.

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