Since 2003, Sold Out has been responsible for Momix tours in Spain, having staged numerous shows in more than 15 different cities.

Known throughout the world for its works of exceptional creativity and beauty, Momix is a company of dancers/illusionists led by Moses Pendleton. Since its creation it has achieved great success due to its ability to evoke a world of surrealistic images using bodies, costumes, props and sets of lights in shows such as Momix Classics, Passion, Baseball, Opus Cactus, Lunar Sea, Botánica and Alchemy.

The company takes its name of a solo created by Pendleton (a member of the Pilobolus Dance Theatre at the time) for the Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games in 1980. Over the years, the formation and size of the company has undergone various changes, but the commitment to developing the art of dance and entertaining the public has remained intact.

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