A show on Sold Out’s roster which has been seen by more than 400,000 spectators since its first visit to our country.

With its record of 4 and a half million spectators and 100 cities visited in 30 countries, this wonderful production has kept touring around the world for 20 years, winning numerous awards and prizes. Slava Polunin, a former member of Cirque du Soleil and possibly the most internationally famous clown still active, has created a show where quality, magic, originality and poetry captivate critics and public alike.

These figures should not be surprising since this is a unique show, which hooks spectators from the first moments of the performance, intensely involving them, sometimes at first hand, in the touching or disturbing fates of the clowns themselves. During the performance spectators will experience at first hand being attacked by an incredible avalanche of snow or being trapped in a giant spider’s web.


It’s difficult to summarise this hard-to-classify production not structured around a defined storyline, where in its very creation the author himself dispensed with words. That is what makes it a different show: a delirious journey to the dreamlike world of the brilliant and eccentric Russian artist. It’s a dream world populated by endearing and unpredictable clowns very different from those of the typical circus. It’s also a world where snow has a major presence. Slava uses snow, a key motif in this artist’s life, to express emotions, ideas and concepts which often compete among themselves to form his particular fantasy world.

Initially stunned by the beauty and strangeness of what is unfolding before their eyes, the audience experience first-hand during the show episodes like being literally wrapped in a giant spider’s web or being attacked by a chilling snowstorm coming from the stage, ending up feeling like they are part of this surreal world in which anything is possible. It is worth saying that another of the main characteristics of this production is that no two performances are exactly the same. There are various factors involved, including the interaction with spectators attending the different performances which significantly influence how the shows unfold.


 The clowns filled Madrids Teatro Apolo with magic and laughter. El Mundo

 There are many highlights in this unpredictable production, set in a dreamlike universe which comes to life thanks to audience participation. El País

 Paradoxically, Slava’s snow warms the heart and unites the audience. El Correo

 “A different way of approaching the circus tradition and mime. The show is intellectual in nature, which the audience does not usually expect from this type of show”. Guía del Ocio

 This highly unconventional clown hypnotises the audience and transports it to a world of imagination and dreams. Deia

 The sublime art of clowning. El Confidencial.com


18th September – 9 October 2016. Madrid (Teatros del Canal)

10th – 16th October 2016. Santa Cruz de Tenerife / Canary Islands (Teatro Guimerá)

17th –  23rd October 2016. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria / Canary Islands (Teatro Cuyas)

Booking information: sergio@soldout.es