Advanced Music commissioned Sold Out to produce two special editions of Sónar Galicia, the most important International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art in the world.

In 2010 and 2011, the prestigious Sonár Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art was held simultaneously in two different venues: Barcelona and A Coruña. Run by Xacobeo with Sold Out producing, these editions of Sónar Galicia were a real triumph both with the audience and from an organisational perspective.

Sónar is one of the most important cultural brands on the Spanish contemporary scene. Since 2002 it has regularly crossed Spanish borders, hosting events in different parts of the world and revealing the latest trends in electronic music and multimedia art. Besides being held in Barcelona every year, Sónar has travelled to London, New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Frankfurt, Tokyo and many other destinations.