World premiere of SuperThings Live!, the first show of the best-selling toy in Spain.

The SuperThings show will mark a milestone by `bringing to life’ the vicissitudes of these characters thanks to a surprising montage, with shocking music and images, spectacular costumes and, for the first time, the staging of the songs of the main protagonists.

This is a fun family show about the characters of the leading toy in sales in the last five years in Spain, designed by the Spanish toy company Magic Box Toys Int.

The show, based on the successful YouTube series of SuperThings, also has the premiere of bringing to the stage the songs of each of the main characters: Sudarfun & Starberry, Kid Kazoom, Kid Fury, Professor K, Superslice, Badnilla and more. One of them, whose protagonists are the newcomers to Kazoom Kids, has already accumulated more than a million views on YouTube in a single month.

The SuperThings are the most famous characters designed by the Spanish toy company Magic Box Toys Int. and the ones with the greatest international projection in terms of toys created in Spain. These tiny collectible figures represent everyday objects that, due to a process created by a mad scientist, transform into superheroes with different superpowers. They all wear a cape, a mask, and behind it you can see their white eyes. Of course, half of them are Villains, who can be recognized by their yellow eyes. Heroes and Villains are always facing each other, in a constant battle that is the basis of all the stories of the SuperThings, as well as the “engine” that moves all the characters in the show.

After the success of the official exhibition of the SuperThings in IFEMA, Magic Box Int., Sold Out and Well done! Show Makers collaborate again on a new project about one of the most successful toys among children. The show, which will undoubtedly become the most demanded children’s event, is a unique, magical and fun experience that both children and adults will enjoy. After its world premiere in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​SuperThings Live! will begin its tour of the best theaters and auditoriums in Spain starting in March 2022.

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