Powerful. Beautiful. Dramatic. Impressive. Powerful. Exciting. That’s the music of Hans Zimmer, the genius composer of legendary soundtracks and two-time Oscar winner. In 2024, his hit show The World of Hans Zimmer will premiere a new musical program, which will take the form of a new international concert tour. The ‘subtitle’ of the 2024 tour, A New Dimension, already hints at this: Hans Zimmer has prepared an entirely new selection from his tremendously varied collection of scores. With it, the audience will embark on a unique musical journey into completely new dimensions.

Although he will not be onstage for the 2024 tour, the brilliant composer is curator and music director of The World of Hans Zimmer. A New Dimension. He himself explains it in the following words: “In this new show I aspire to preserve the orchestral culture and to allow the public to rediscover the unique nuances of symphonic music”. Soundtrack conductor Gavin Greenaway – a longtime and trusted friend of the Hollywood composer – will continue to evoke the magic of Hans Zimmer’s works live in 2024, alongside some of the most outstanding and renowned soloists from the brilliant composer’s creative pool and a powerful symphony orchestra. In addition, as a visual complement to the magic of the music, the public will be able to enjoy impressive projections of mythical film sequences.

With The World of Hans Zimmer, the “Hollywood rebel” composer, as defined by the BBC, has created a very special, glamorous, vital and exciting live experience. Hans Zimmer’s extraordinary melodies and modern compositions have captivated a huge number of fans of all ages around the world. The composer has breathed his energy into a countless list of international cinema hits, including Dune, James Bond: No Time to Die, The Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Interstellar, The Last Samurai, and Top Gun: Maverick, among many others.

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