As a pioneering Spanish company specialising in the promotion, management and organization of major events in the world of entertainment, Sold Out is able to offer a very broad range of services. Our involvement in any project is extensive and our services cover all the aspects any big live project may require.

Over the years, the organization and production of major festivals, exhibitions and tours by national and international artists has become one of our specialities both in Spain and abroad. We take responsibility for the full or partial management of each event, optimizing resources in each process and relying on the best suppliers and professionals in the entertainment sector.

The services we routinely provide include our expertise in project management, ranging from the booking, marketing and distribution of shows, through tour planning, logistical coordination, ticketing, financial management, marketing and sponsorship, to the licensing of merchandise.

Another of our specialities is the creation and development of “a la cartecorporate events of all sizes for clients and companies.

Organization & Production

  • Design and production of sound, lighting, special effects and video projection
  • Design and production of stages and equipment
  • Logistics for artists and crews on tour
  • Tour management
  • Location, distribution and planimetrics of events
  • Design and creation of spaces
  • Design and management of public flows
  • Coordination with the State’s security services and police forces
  • Health and safety plans
  • Organization and management of private and institutional protocols
  • Institutional relationships: National Government, Regional Governments, Provincial and Municipal Councils

Planning & Strategy

  • Strategic planning of shows and entertainment projects
  • Booking of national and international shows
  • Tour plans
  • Seeking partners, promoters and local institutions
  • Logistical planning (artists and crews)

Management & Operation

  • Integrated operation of shows
  • Financial management and optimisation of resources
  • Management of agreements and contracts with venues
  • Financial and legal advice: contracts and human resources
  • Permits and licences
  • Ticketing and sales reporting

Communication & Marketing

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • PR and Media Partnership
  • Sponsorship
  • Merchandising
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