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MADRID, 2023

Formula 1®: The Exhibition was an immersive and interactive experience that told the extraordinary story of Formula 1 by combining never-before-seen unique pieces, personal stories and unprecedented contributions from the sport's longest-running legends.

A project in the making for five years: "Formula 1 - The Exhibition" was the first international exhibition in the history of Formula 1. An innovative experience that exposed one of the greatest stories of the sport.

From spectacular audiovisual content to elegant displays, "Formula 1 - The Exhibition" offered a wonderful journey through the exclusive world of Formula 1.

The exhibition traced the influences of Enzo Ferrari and Ayrton Senna, as well as the far-reaching impact of the Netflix series "Drive to Survive." It also combined the best interactive and immersive technologies, never-before-seen interviews, historic race cars, other artifacts, and large-scale installations.



"The long-awaited, groundbreaking exhibition, The Exhibition, offers a breathtaking tour of F1 history with stunning objects and images."

Francisco Esparcia FernándezMARCA

"This impressive exhibition brings everything about Formula 1 to Madrid."

Paula GarroteTime Out

"Attendees will feel as if they are at the Monaco GP itself, in the factory of their favorite team and even on the starting grid of a race."

Victor de la FuenteGQ

"An exhibition that has managed to open the doors of this sport to the public as it had never been done before, bringing it closer in a thorough but simple way to young and old alike."

Cristina García LeónMadrid Secreto

"It will be an open-door space for everyone, and the five years of work behind this exhibition offers a unique perspective of the "Grand Circus" through a different narrative than what the fan may be used to."

Mercedes Moran GarcíaAS

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